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Buddhist quotes on this page are taken from the signs on the way to a meditation center Aryapala. It is located at the end of the valley in Mongolian Terelj National Park. In the lower part of the journey are 140 signs with Buddhist quotes. The upper part has another 150 quotes. During my visit to Mongolia in the summer of 2012 I took a picture of each of the signs.

Aryapala meditation center was established by Lama Byan Tsagaan in 1998. He is also the head lama of the LamRim monastery in Ulaanbaatar. Since its creation in 1998, the Aryapala Meditation and Empowerment Center has provided meditation and retreat facilities for Buddhist practitioners of many different traditions. Persons come from all over the world to meditate in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

I will gradually rewrite these texts. Buddhist quotations are shown in English and Mongolian language. I hope I will manage to add here both Mongolian and English version of the quotes. Let’s read and think.

Buddhist Quote no. 1
Do not make trouble by telling lies even if the world comes to an end and the earth breaks into pieces.
Buddhist Quote no. 2
Even wild beasts being chased by hunters take care not to step on insects. So, how much more important is it to be careful when you are generating Bodhi mind?
Buddhist Quote no. 3
It is rare for a grain of rice to stick to a wall; it is even more rare to reborn as human being.
Buddhist Quote no. 4
Three similes show the empty nature of this world.
Buddhist Quote no. 5
Not even a little wisdom stays in the mind of a proud person, just as a drop of water does not stay on top of a hill.
Buddhist Quote no. 6
In this world of pitch dark ignorance, like a sunless day, a moonless night, or a starless sky, suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes. That quickly human life passes.
Buddhist Quote no. 7
This false world is of suffering nature and covered by thorns.
Buddhist Quote no. 8
Beware! When death comes, the thousands brothers who surround you are of no use. For those useless brothers you may have done horrible misdeeds.
Buddhist Quote no. 9
It is a wonder if an ordinary herder perfects the six great paramitas.
Buddhist Quote no. 10
Where do you think you’re heading, leaving the six types of motherly sentient beings? Start working for welfare of these six types of beings at once!
Buddhist Quote no. 11
One gets blessings from Aryapala Buddha merely by reciting his name.
Buddhist Quote no. 12
It is important to have 15 types of substances to make good tea. To achieve the highest state it is best to study the teachings of the three types of vehicles.
Buddhist Quote no. 13
Though you have understood the ways of achieving Nirvana by realizing the suffering nature of this world, you should not forget common sense.
Buddhist Quote no. 14
Patiently accept all the non-virtues from your youth. Learn all the traditional skills from all the most talented ones. Perfect all the skills of Hinayana and then advance to next level.
Buddhist Quote no. 15
Though a well is deep its water is clear. Though mental affliction is thick the mind is clear.
Buddhist Quote no. 16
One’s migrations from bad birth to bad birth and from good birth to bad are as numerous as the specks of dust covering the whole earth. To migrate from a bad to a good birth is as comparatively rare as the dust that covers one fingernail of the Buddha.
Buddhist Quote no. 17
A drop adds to an ocean. A wise word is picked up by a wise man.
Buddhist Quote no. 18
There are three types of intelligent human beings and three types of advancing vehicles.
Buddhist Quote no. 19
Just as one cannot accomplish one’s deeds with a two-pointed needle, one needs to work for the welfare of all with a one-pointed mind.
Buddhist Quote no. 20
Know that even action such as standing up, sitting and lying down all have the nature of suffering.
Buddhist Quote no. 21
The denizens of the god realms earnestly pray to our lower human world that they might be reborn in human form.
Buddhist Quote no. 22
How to tame the mind in nine stages may be drawn from the example of an elephant.
Buddhist Quote no. 23
Suffering is a cloth that wipes away mental afflictions. Obstacles are reminders to practice virtue.
Buddhist Quote no. 24
This world is the nature of suffering, taught the Buddha in his first teaching. Some embrace suffering by mistaking this world to be of a happy nature.
Buddhist Quote no. 25
Are you, a human being, also making the same mistakes as mice?
Buddhist Quote no. 26
Though you yourself became food for a fish and yet still continue eating reveals your true ignorant nature that is not aware of impermanence.
Buddhist Quote no. 27
The Buddha manifested in human form. So, you, as a human being, should make an effort in learning. Had he manifested in a dog’s form, he would have taught dogs.
Buddhist Quote no. 28
One can be spared from the threat of death by giving a limb. Likewise, by enduring little sufferings in this life one can ransom the suffering of the next life.
Buddhist Quote no. 29
The molten iron you have been forced to drink in the hells is much more than the water that fills the deep ocean.
Buddhist Quote no. 30
Having many heads causes trouble for nagas. Accumulated goods are trouble for their owners.
Buddhist Quote no. 31
Receiving no benefits upon hearing any of the melodious teachings, like a stone thrown into water, is a sign of not having enough merit.
Buddhist Quote no. 32
Drop by drop even a large container can be filled. The wise advance little by little, improve themselves, and finally attain bodhi mind.
Buddhist Quote no. 33
Remember the three faults of the container and fill it with great learning.
Buddhist Quote no. 34
Renounce this empty world like a dog renounces grass.
Buddhist Quote no. 35
Under influence of good chintamani jewel even bad water becomes purified. Thanks to good intelligence, one’s future will be purified.
Buddhist Quote no. 36
A senile old person cannot do much, so do good while you are still young.
Buddhist Quote no. 37
With the urgency of a prisoner about to be executed under a sharp sword, one needs to work for welfare of others.
Buddhist Quote no. 38
One is pitiful who lives a life that is as fragile as a water bubble, in between “the coming out wind” at the time of birth and “the collecting wind” at the time of death, but mistakes that life as eternal.

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