Maps of Dornod Aimag

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Dornod aimag – Дорнод аймаг

In Dornod aimag you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes in Mongolia. There are beautiful unspoiled wilderness with gazelles and very sparse population.

It is perhaps the least visited area of Mongolia, located at the very east of the country. Although there are not such tourist attractions as in other parts of Mongolia, but here you can see intact steppe, nomads living in the traditional way of life and the places connected with the history. These are especially Khalkhiin Gol and Buir Nuur, both places known for battles against the Japanese.

The national parks you can visit Dornod Mongol Strictly Protected Area, Daguur Mongol Strictly Protected Area, Nömrög Strictly Protected Area, Toson Khulstai and Ugtam Uul Nature Reserve. Sometimes here wander from China also Siberian tigers.

Maps of Dornod aimag

Dornod aimag.Big map of Dornod aimag

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