Maps of Khentii aimag

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Khentii aimag – Хэнтий аймаг

Khentii aimag or the region of Genghis Khan is very important place for Mongolians. It was here that he was born, lived and began uniting the Mongol tribes.

Aimag was named after Khentii Nuruu Mountains. There are beautiful national parks Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and Onon-Balj National Park.

Khentii aimag borders on the north with Russia. In the area flow many beautiful rivers which are very popular among Western fishermen.

In the north Khentii aimag is a lot of forests and so there are log cabins rather than the traditional yurts. Here lives a lot of Buryad people and the population is rather shamanic “religion” than Buddhist.

Maps of Khentii aimag

Khentii aimag. Map of Khentii aimag Khentii aimag. Big map of Khentii aimag

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