Maps of Khovd Aimag

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Khovd aimag – Ховд аймаг

Western Khovd aimag is an interesting area with great business history. Even today, the aimag retains considerable independent foreign trade with China.

There are some beautiful national parks: Bulagan Gol Nature Reserve, Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area, Khar Us Nuur National Park, Khökh Serkh Strictly Protected Area, Mankhan Nature Reserve and Mönkh Khairkhan National Park.

In parks there are many wild animals. It is worth mentioning Takhi – Przewalski’s wild horse, wild ass, gazelle, snow leopard, ibex, argali wild sheep and antelopes.

Maps of Khovd aimag

Khovd aimag. Map of Khovd aimag Khovd aimag. Big map of Khovd aimag

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