Maps of Övörkhangai Aimag

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Övörkhangai aimag – Өвөрхангай аймаг

The main reason why tourists travel to Övörkhangai aimag is mostly to visit the oldest Mongolian Buddhist monastery Erdene Zuu – Jewel Buddha. When visiting Övörkhangai you should however not miss the Eight Lakes Area – Naiman Nuur, beautiful monastery Tövkhön or waterfall Orkhon Khürkhree. It’s all in the north of the Övörkhangai aimag, the south is then formed by drier steppe and semi-desert gradually passes into the Gobi.

Maps of Övörkhangai aimag

Övörhangai aimag Map of Övörkhangai aimag Övörhangai aimag Big map of Övörkhangai aimag

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