Maps of Ulaanbaatar

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Ulaanbaatar city – Улаанбаатар хот

The capital city of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar is at first glance a rather ugly city full of apartment blocks and ger areas – it can remind you slums, but in fact it is a normal housing, in yurts is clean and there you will find a TV or computers.

The biggest attraction of Ulaanbaatar is undoubtedly Gandantegchenlin Khiid – the centre of Buddhism in Mongolia. Museums worth seeing are Museum of Nature, where you’ll see unique dinosaur skeletons, Museum of Choijin Lama – oracle, which own beautiful Cham masks and certainly Bogdgegen’s Winter Palace. Pleasant is also a trip to the Zaisan, Russian monument in the south of Ulaanbaatar. It is on the top of a small hill, which has a beautiful view of the city and a new large statue of Buddha built underneath. From the Zaisan you can also climb up the hills of Bogdkhan Uul. Ulaanbaatar has a lot to offer, although its true atmosphere one know only after a long time spent here.

Maps of Ulaanbaatar

Map of Ulaanbaatar. Map of UlaanbaatarTurist map of Ulanbator. Tourist map of Ulaanbaatar Turist map of Ulanbator.Tourist map of Ulaanbaatar in PDF Turist map of Ulanbator. Tourist map of Ulaanbaatar in PDF Map of Ulanbator vicinity. Map of Ulaanbaatar surroundings

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