Maps of Zavkhan Aimag

Maps of Zavkhan Aimag
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Zavkhan aimag – Завхан аймаг

Zavkhan aimag form a sort of divide between humid Khövsgöl aimag and arid Uvs aimag. The diverse landscape of Zavkhan consists of snow-capped mountains, steppes and lakes among dunes. It is a little visited aimag and thus attracts adventurers, who want to experience untouched Mongolia, and are willing to sacrifice a little of comfort. Also worth a visit Otgon Tenger Uul Strictly Protected Area, protecting the most sacred mountains in Mongolia – Otgon Tenger Uul.

Maps of Zavkhan aimag

Zavkhan aimag Map of Zavkhan aimag Zavkhan aimag Map of Zavkhan aimag

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