Regional maps of Mongolia

Maps of Mongolian provinces – the aimags

Mongolia is divided into 21 regions – the aimags (provinces). Aimag again divided into smaller administrative units, called sum, in English sometimes “Soum”. Each has its specifics and each also worth seeing. Although only in some of them are major tourist attractions, but who wants to meet wild Mongolia closer, the contrary, it should go into areas rarely visited by tourists. These then can offer insight into the life of true nomads, that still was not enough influenced by modern times. Overview of Mongolian aimags is sorted alphabetically for better clarity.

2 thoughts on “Regional maps of Mongolia”

  1. Perfect maps!
    But when I click the link to enlarge the maps, I found some of them have been ‘removed’ or ‘does not exist’.
    So, could you please upload them? Thank you very much!

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