Dashchoilin khiid

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The Dashchoilin Monastery adress:
Дашчойлин хийд
P.O.B 740, Ulaanbaatar-46
Sukhbaatar district, Baga toiruu
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This text is based on the content of official leaflet of the monastery and on my research (2006 – 2007).

Zuun Khuree or Dashchoilon khiid

Any monastery apart from extending good and noble teachings as well as holy duties to its believers strives to advance knowledge of monks. The Zuun Khuree college was founded in 1998 on initiative of head Khamba lama most ven Ch.Dambajav of the Dashchoiling monastery.

This college gives knowledge and pursue studies not only in Buddhist teachings but in more than 40 modern educational subjects. Study course lasts for 4 years.

Zuun Khuree Dashichoilin Hiid

Zuun Khuree Dashichoilin Hiid, 2006

Noble Aim

Our noble aim lies in restoring and studying traditional religion and its profound culture in close theoretical and practical interrelation thus creating sound base for further implementation.


The college provides 3 level bachelors 4 year studies on following:

  1. Basic and full secondary education
  2. Basic education in Buddhist theories
  3. Buddhist philosophy and its origins
Old and young monk in Dashichoilin monastery

Old and young monk in Dashichoilin monastery, 2007

Basic education

In order to provide pre-college education following subjects are studied such as: Mongolian language, literature, mathematics, geometry, physics and etc. Buddhist backgrounds are also taught.

Buddhist philosophy study

This study course and faculty was founded in 1998. Study provides following:

Monks in Dashichoilin monastery

Monks in Dashichoilin monastery

  • Greater and lower ten Buddhist philosophies
  • Temple chanting customs
  • World and Mongolian religious history
  • Lanz script
  • Soyombo script
  • Tibetian language and script
  • Mongolian and English languages
  • Philosophy
  • Computer and informatics
  • Monastery management

First graduation was done in 1998-2002.

Language and script origins

Satue of Buddha in Ddashichilin monastery

Satue of Buddha in Ddashichilin monastery

Nine item teaching traditions were restored. In order to provide studies in Hindu, Tibetan and Mongolian languages, scripts special class was organized in 2002. Monks are taught Hindu, Sanskrit, lanz, vardu scripts, Tibetan language, 11 scripts of religious origin, uigarjin script, soyombo script, flat script and alhi-galhi. First graduation was in 2002-2006.

Statue of Buddha in Dashichoilin monastery

The statue of Buddha in Dashichoilin monastery. Monks in monastery got the statue from Korean buddhists.

In this college following doctors and professors give lessons such as head Khamba lama Dashchoiling monastery and college director most ven Ch.Dambajav, Mongolian Nationally University religious studies department teacher professor S.Tsedendamba, professor N.Khavkh, professor Ts.Shagdasuren, Ts.Munkh-Erdene, S.Gantumur, master teacher B.Jambal, B.Darambazar, D.Byambajav, as well as B.Munkhbayar, L.Yadamsuren and many others. 3 graduations were already done during this period. From our graduates many successfully works and occupies high posts in the monastery. This shows the study quality and high potential of professors and teachers.

Our advantages

  1. Experienced teaching staff
  2. Quality study
  3. Special studies such as Tibetan grammar, advanced origin
  4. Open to research studies in practice
  5. Actively participate in temple sessions, learn procedures, chogo chaglin and etc.
Korean and Mongolian buddhists.

Korean and Mongolian buddhists. Celebration on the occasion of the donation of the statue of Buddha.

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