Urjin-Shadduvlin monastery

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Monastery adress:
Үржин Шаддувлин Хийд
Bayanzurkh district
16th khoroo
Ulaan-Khuaran street
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This text is based on the content of official leaflet of the monastery (2006) and on my research (2006 – 2007).

The monastery had been established in memory of His Reincarnated Highness the Khutugtai Danzanravjaa in 2000. In conformity with the final testament of R. Sanduijav, the Noble Sage Lama and on the basis of personal enthusiastic initiation of O. Tagarvaa, the prominent His Reverend Highness the Khuukhen Khutugt of Gobi and with devoted participation of M. Purevsuren the first Lovon (manager), of D. Dashzeveg, the Daamal (superintendent), T. Odbayar, the first Unzads, T. Duurenbayar, the Chovonbo, and S. Shaaravmunkh, the Golch as well as of other monks and with contribution of worshippers the Service in that monastery had been launched.

Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery, 2007

Our community

At present (2006) we count almost 40 monks, service officials in our humble staff. It is our pride that 50 percent of the staff had acquired high education. His Reverend Excellency O. Tagarvaa, the academician and Ph.D. in Astrology and Spiritology is the Head of the monastery.

Life and service background of rev. Khuukhen Khutagt

Khuukhen Khutagt

Khuukhen Khutagt

The name of this prominent figure is Ooloi Tagarvaa. He was born in 1944 in a remote hinterland place called “Sum Khukhburdiyn Ar Shand” of Adaatsag soum (primary administrative settlement) of Dundgovy aimag (province). When he was born he showed s sign of special destiny as “until his 40 he will live the way of ordinary people” and then he will fulfil a heavenly testament. So was revealed and described the amazing sign by rev. Lamzav, the Reincarnated Lama and the eminent Buddhist scholar and his fellow other Buddhist celebrities.

He had really performed his excellent abilities as a mere herder when he managed to substantially increase the flock he was in charge of and thus he had displayed with his personal example how one should contribute to the best of his homeland. He was indeed a standard to follow showing how one should organize his life and achieve success.
At thee 16 he had been recognized as the reincarnation of the “Khuukhen Khutugt”. He had managed to reveal with no effort the reason why that preternatural act of reincarnation, which use to be beyond perception of ordinary mortals.

Stupa in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Stupa in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery, 2007

In 1990-s as democracy had prevailed in the country and religion had once again regained its freedom of prosperity the monks of his native land had declared him as reincarnated personality once again in confirmation of his special cause. Rev. O. Tagarvaa is not recognized and honoured at home only. His fame spread far his country and today his well-known personality abroad either. That’s why the Buddhist celebrities of the rank of Rynpoche from India, China, USA and France had taken as mandatory duty to create personal contacts with and had repeatedly invited him to the forums of the Asian Buddhist Conference.

As the Urjin-Shadduvlin Monastery had been honoured to inherit the Jod Luujin destiny and its cause from rev. Sandui, the Lovon Lama and the cadet monk of the Erdene-Zuu Monastery and who became famous as a Subargan Lama. Having been granted such prestigious rank the monastery commenced its functioning to serve the worshippers with delivering them the sacred teachings of Buddhism on its own. Thus on November 26, 2000 the Urjin-Shadduvlin Monastery had been inaugurated and praying and preaching on daily basis had begun.

Monks in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Monks in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

In fact launching a new site of Buddhist service is another proof of the true nobility and loyalty to the great vision of the Universe and of its derivatives such as creating wealth and accruing knowledge and wisdom. Currently this new home of the Mongolian Buddhism is strictly pursuing in its sacred meditation and service the Great Jud rituals of rev. Danzanravjaa, the Khutugt of Gobi. Thus rev. O. Tagarvaa, the current His Highness the Khutugt, is the true Bodhisattva symbolizing in person a real devoted servant of Buddhism who had restored the almost disappeared tradition of the mentioned specific, ritual school of Buddhist preaching.

The goal and activities

Buddhist ceremony in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Buddhist ceremony in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Our priority goal is to contribute to the cause of spreading of the peace-loving teachings of Buddhism and the rituals and ethics in this respect and to the cause of global peace. With this purpose the authority of the monastery is fostering the education skills and deeper learning of the theory of the Buddhist philosophy and developing further research in the field. That’s why the monastery is eager to develop active and contributively cooperation with other communities of domestic Buddhist temples as well as foreign ties in this respect. The monastery is doing its best in order to give a hand of goodwill to those in need and to contribute to the cause of enlightening commoners to be human and kind as their belief. With this purpose the monastery had initiated setting up by the monastery of “Revelation” Buddhist Youth Club from late 2004.

“Revelation” Club of Buddhist Youth

The Club had been set up in November of 2004 in order to unfold joint cooperation with NGO-s and other monasteries in educating the youth to humanitarian attitude and ethics. This Club is a Society of Volunteers in fact. Besides the goodwill activities the Club is striving to improve education rate of monks, to organize various round table deliberations on actual topics of the society among the monks and the Club members. In frames of the basic activities the Club is cooperating with the Bayanzurkh district authority in distributing of foods and clothes, in arranging and holding of various gatherings in schools and detention centres.

The Club is closely working with other NGOs in this field. The Club is achieving significant success in developing its activities with the help of rev. T. Odbayar, the Lovon Lama and the Head of the monastery, of rev. B. Jambal, the monk of the Dashchoilin monastery and the professor of the Theological College, therefore of rev. D. Davaasuren, the monk of the Gandantekchinleng Monastery and the professor of the Theological University as well as the editor of the newspaper “Belgiyin Melmiy”. We are proud to name the other devoted activists in our cause as monk Z. Ganbaatar, monk Kh. Batsukh and monk M. Nandinbaatar.

Rev. Tumur Odbayar

Buddhist monk Rev. Tumur Odbayar

Buddhist monk Rev. Tumur Odbayar

Rev. T. Odbayar was born in Mandal soum of Dundgovy aimag in 1972. He had accomplished his studies in primary school in 1980s and in early 1990s the Buddhist College. In 1995 he was trained at Dash-Choimbol monastery the teachings of Tsaind Choir. Then he entered the Zanabazar Memorial Buddhist University at the Gandantekchinleng Monastery in 1996 and has graduated with excellent achievements. He had commenced his reverend career at the Dashgenpellin Monastery of Dundgovy aimag beginning as trainee and then as a Junior Unzad. Today he is the Head of the Buddhist Youth “Revelation” Club.

Buddhist teachings we practice

Monks during Buddhist Ceremony in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Monks during Buddhist Ceremony in Urjin Shadduvlin Monastery

Our monastery is practicing the Shijid Ceremonial Ritual of praying and preaching. Our main saint idol is Yansanyadam. The ceremony of worshipping and appraising of Saint Yansanyadam is taking place twice a year just before the first thunder in spring and after the last thunder in autumn. Therefore on the 8th day of Full Moon in every month we hold the ritual of “Delger Manla” and “Manla Donchod” meditation. On the 10th we read the “Lovon Choga” teachings and on the 14th and 20th we pray referring to “Ganjuur” and the Evening Good-Wishes sutras.

On the 15th day of Full Moon we hold the long continuous praying session citing the teachings of the “Yansan, the Junior Idol”, therefore “Durtod Dagva”, “Ulaan Sakhius” (the Red Deity) and the “Zangad” prayer. On the 29th of the common calendar we pray in honour of “Arvan Khangal” (Ten Deities). On the daily basis we worship “Tsogcheng” prayer. The “Zod Luijin” and the “Zangad Dorma”. We hold special praying meditations on the basis of personal request of the believers either, which are aimed at clearing one’s consciousness and protection of mind.

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