History of Buddhism in Mongolia

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Buddhism in Mongolia – Historical Survey

From: Buddhism in Mongolia (Historical Survey), Ulaanbaatar 1981
By: Section of Studies of Gandantegchenlin Monastery

The late Most Venerable Khambo Lama, Doctor of Buddhist Philosophy, Head of the Gangdantegchenling Monastery – Centre of the Mongolian Buddhists, S. Gombojav said, “Mongolia is not only one of the countries of Buddhism of long tradition, but a country in which Buddhism, Buddhist monasteries and lamas still exist today. Foreign friends in the Dharma and visitors to Mongolia are interested in Buddhism in this country and want to know more about it. Many books on ancient and contemporary history of Buddhism in Mongolia written in Mongolian and Tibetan are available now. However, in view of the fact that books on Buddhism published in English, French and other languages are few, it appears to be timely and necessary to publish a brochure on Buddhism in English to give, at least, a general survey of it”.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the late Most Venerable Khambo Lama, who tirelessly checked the manuscript draft and offered his invaluable suggestions concerning this brochure on Mongolian Buddhism.

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