The structure of words in Tibetan

The basic structure of words in Tibetan

The structure of Tibetan word
“Nying-dze” – compassion | “khyi” – dog | “lodrö” – wisdom, understanding

The basic structure of sentences in Tibetan

Structure of tibetan sentence
“Om mani padme hum” – Om, jewel in the lotus, hum |  “tashideleg” – hello

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  1. Can you help me? I received a small thangka for present and there is a short writing on the bottom but I have no idea what it means. Can I send you a photo to check it out? _/\_

    1. བློ་ཁོག་
      (JV) courage valor
      (IW) 1) courage; 2) force or intrinsic power of mind; 3) insides of the mind; 4) container of mind]
      (RY) guts
      (JV) brave, bravery, courage, valor, fortitude, character, spirit, virtue, mental strength, moral strength, courage, *, lightness
      (IW) 1) lightness, purity, goodness; 2) bravery, courage, fortitude; 3) strength, energy, vigor; 4) perseverance, determination; 5) spirit[ual power]
      (RB) purity/ immaculacy/ * quality
      (RY) 1) lightness, purity, goodness, immaculacy, *; spiritual power; One of the three tattvas (yon tan gsum) – * – of the Samkhya. 2) bravery, courage, fortitude, perseverance, stalwart/ heroic action

      (JV) bravery, strength, courage, strong, agreeable, flavor
      (RY) 1) {dpa’ ba} courageous, brave, strong, bold, brave, heroic, fearless, gallant, unafraid, dauntless, stout, intrepid, undaunted, valiant, audacious, stouthearted, valorous. 2) bravery, strength, courage, confidence; spirit, heart, resolution, nerve, fortitude, gallantry, valor, courageousness, dauntlessness, fearlessness, intrepidity
      (JV) calm *, serene, silence, tranquil
      (IW) 1) solitary, not busied w activities, peaceful, tranquil; 2) w little speaking, *, silent
      (JV) prajna, (-, absolute, sublime) wisdom, intelligence, (-, transcendent, analytical) knowledge, (-, appreciative) discrimination, discriminating awareness, appreciative understanding, SA ye shes kyi rtsal, understand (3 kinds are thos, bsam, bsgoms), (3 kinds are gnas lnga rig pa kun rdzob, gnas lugs rig pa don dam, sems can gyi don bya tshul), 1 of 10 stobs bcu, 1 of bslab pa gsum, appreciative discernment, wisdom that discriminates, sublime knowing, insight
      (IW) prajna, knowledge * [sometimes contrasted to ye shes as intellectual knowledge vs [religious] wisdom, but sometimes = shes rab pha rol phyin and contrasted w shes yon giving a similar meaning w shes rab = wisdom]
      (RB) sublime knowing/ wisdom; transcendent knowledge

  2. Tibetan => Roman script => approximate pronunciation

    བློ་ཁོག་ => blo khog => Lo-ko(k)
    སྙིང་སྟོབས་ => snying stobs => nying-to(p)
    དཔའ་ => dpa => pa
    ཁ་ཁུ་སེམ་པོ་ => kha khu sem po => ka ku sem po
    ཤེས་རབ་ => shes rab => she: rap

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