7 Online Tibetan English Dictionaries

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  1. Tibetan-English online dictionary by A.M.Pellegrini
  2. Tibetan-English online dictionary (freelang)
  3. Nithartha Tibetan-English dictionary
  4. Online English-Tibetan dictionary by Tom Menke
  5. Eng-Tib and Tib-Eng dictionary on Glosbe.com
  6. Tibetan-English and Eng-Tib Dictionaries in PDF

Tibetan-English translation tools

To use these dictionaries, you can use this Tibetan Keyboard to write in Tibetan script.

1. Tibetan-English online dictionary by A.M.Pellegrini

Free Tibetan to English Translation Tool by Andrés Montano Pellegrini is probably the best free online Tibetan-English dictionary, which you can find. In the search box, you can enter either Tibetan text in Wylie transliteration or the letters in Tibetan script directly. For writing, you can use the Tibetan on-screen keyboard. The text that you write with it, simply copy to the search box of the dictionary.

2. Tibetan-English on-line dictionary – Freelang

Freelang.net is a nonprofit dictionary project which consists of dozens of languages. One of them is Tibetan.

Whole word

3. Nithartha Tibetan-English dictionary

Enter the Tibetan term in Wylie format. Separate syllables with a blank character (i.e., karma would be kar ma.) The dictionary database will return English translations of the term.


4. Online English-Tibetan dictionary

Online dictionary to translate to modern colloquial Tibetan from English by Tom Menke:


  To use this English – Tibetan dictionary, first click to བོད་ཡིག on the bottom of the site http://www.eng-tib.com/.

5. Online English-Tibetan (Tibetan-English) dictionary

Online dictionary to translate Tibetan-English-Tibetan by Glosbe.com:



6. Tibetan-English and English-Tibetan Dictionaries for download

You can open/download as well as other free Tibetan dictionaries in the PDF:

Tibetan-English dictionaries for download

English-Tibetan dictionaries for download


9 Responses

  1. Gerttu says:

    Hi! Would you please translate this text for me? English–> Tibetan script
    A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple-that comes back to you.
    Best wishes, Gerttu

  2. Loric says:

    You can also get a english to tibetan translation realized by Lungtok Choktsang – a tibetan native teacher – who will realize a calligraphy of the text on demand. His website is http:://www.tibetan-calligraphy.com

  3. JIGNESH PATEL says:

    Is there any free tool online which can convert “Tibetan or u-chen to Drutsa or Ornate Drutsa caligraphy”?????

  4. Gartoen says:

    Please translate this for me
    English to Tibetan
    “Dad Send me some books
    Thank you

  5. Paul says:

    The first 5 sites no longer work. Please fix or re-do your page. Thanks.

    • Paul says:

      Amend that: The Frelang site seems to not accept or recognize Tibetan script. It could not figure simple words like དེབ, བཅུ, etc. Not good, sadly.

      • Paul says:

        The others have just ceased to exist.

        • Paul says:

          The first is working so I was wrong about that one. It just returns so much stuff that this beginning student of Tibetan is just overwhelmed. Sad that Tibetan does not have the same sort of dictionaries as the major languages. Need more merit! 🙂 Thanks, Paul

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