Tibetan phrases

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The examples of Tibetan language phrases and sentences with pronunciation

Example of basic phrases in Tibetan with pronunciation and English translation. A better example of the pronunciation of the Tibetan is to listen to the radio or to watch Tibetan movies or television.

Tibetan text Word by word translation English translation
adi ga-re redthis what is What is this? /ti khare rä’/
adi deb redthis book is This is a book. /ti thep re’/
khyed rang bde po yin pasyou self (yourself) well are Interrogative particle Are you well? /khyerang tepo yin-pä/
nga rang bde-po yinI self well am I’m well. /ngarang tepo yin/
bod la gnam-gru yod redTibet in aeroplane to be There are aeroplanes in Tibet. /phö-la namtru yo:re’/
khong la deb mang-po yod redhe have book many to be He has many books. /khong-la thep mangpo yo:re’/
tshe-ring la mo-ta yod redTshering have car to be Tsering has a car. /tshering-la motra yo:re’/
bla-mas gsol-ja mchod songlama + Ergative case tea + Absolutive case drink + past The lama drank the tea. /lamä’ sö:ca chö-song/
nga-tshos khong-la phyag-deb cig phul-pa-yinwe + Ergative he + Dative case book a + Absolutive case give + past We gave him a book. /ngatsö’ khong-la chatep ci’ phü:-payin/

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  1. kirti says:

    i need to translate “family comes first” to tibetan.
    pls guide!!

    • Robert McCamon says:


      nang mi – (OT) [1508] 1) khyim gcig pa’i mi/ … 2) phyi mi’i ldog pa/ …
      (DM) household members. Dargyay, TVC 49.
      (JV) family, near relative or friend, members of a household, inmates, family member
      (IW, RY) family members
      (IW) 1) people in a house; 2) */ friends

      rtsa ba – (JH-ENG) root; basic; fundamental; primary
      (JH-OE) {C}basis; reality behind; grass; tree

      red – (JH-ENG, IW) is

    • Tenzin says:

      Phun che Dhang po Lep ki re…..

      Phunche = family
      Dhangpo= first
      Lep Ki re= comes

      Hope this helps!

  2. Mihipeka says:

    Can anyone translate something for me

  3. Huey says:

    I would love to learn the phrase for “Eyes wide open” or “To have vision”

    thank you

  4. Vanessa Katnich says:

    I would really appreciate the translation of the following:
    “To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid”

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